Fun Square Games Server Rules

Breaking these rules will result in mutes, temp-ban and ban to follow. Punishments can be altered by staff at ANYTIME

1. NO CURSING/SWEARING ~ Please keep all general chat PG-13 (this includes the adding of symbols abbreveations, the word to try to hide it). Cursing or Swear words are words that have and offensive meaning or deemed a swear word by staff.
2. NO RACISM OR HARASSMENT~This includes bullying,discrimination, sexism under any circumstances! It WILL NOT be tolerated. Threatening DDOS also applies to this rule.
3. NO SPAMMING ~ of Players, Staff or Owners - (Public or Private) - We will get to you when we can, we are more than likely answering other questions or helping someone at the moment. This includes the excessive use of caps, symbols, phrases, commands or spamming players in private messages.
4. NO RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL ~ discussion in Public Chat.
5. PATIENCE ~ Allow Mods to answer questions - It’s Their job.
7. RESPECT ~ Everyone ~ you don’t have to like them, to do so.
8. NOTHING NICE TO SAY ~ Say nothing at all then, thats easier anyway! :sick:
9. "LAG" ~ (It's NOT a magic word) ~ If there is lag we are aware of it and are working the fix the problem right away, but Thank you
10. QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS -Please open a support ticket.
11.ENGLISH ONLY.- Please keep the public general chat in english as it is our primary language. You may use private messages in other languages.
12.NO BYPASSING PUNISHMENTS- this is pretty self explanatory and will result in temp to perm bans.
13.GLITCHES/DUPES/BYPASSES-If you find them please report them to staff if they are online or open a support ticket telling us of such issues. If you use them and abuse them the lag police will come and take care of your whole base, no questions asked.
14.APPROPRIATE NAMES- Since we like to keep things pg around here, that includes names on weapons, armor, or anything that can be named in general. If you are asked to change the name, please do so, or the lagpolice will come and either change it for you or dispose of it.
15.PVE SERVERS- We do not allow griefing on these servers IF the area is protected. If the area is not protected it is fair game. If you were griefed and your area was protected please let the staff know.

These rules are simple and put in place to ensure that all of our players have the most enjoyable play time on our server. The overall rule is use good common sense on all servers and everything will run smoothly.

~ The FSG Team
Have FUN, Mine on