New season

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Mar 14, 18

This Saturday March 17th Arcania Craft will be down while we get ready for a whole new season. Yay! Please keep an eye on the announcements channel and Arcania chat room in discord for updates. Also please read this forum post very carefully

See ya on the new map!


[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Jan 28, 18

We are always being asked what kinds of servers we have. Well hop over to the servers tab at the top of the page next to home and you will see all the servers we have to offer. Also listed is the launchers they are on as well as versions. We hope to see you all on one of them!

-FSG Staff

Sale extended

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 27, 17

Due to the issue we have been having with enjin and paypal we will extend the holiday sale until Jan 4th. Thank you for being patient while we were looking into the issue.

-FSG Staff

Generous Giveaway!

[Owner] Sirish a posted Dec 24, 17

A generous donor has given us an

Amber rank to

giveaway this holiday season.

For those of you that

dont have a rank or are Opal,

just go to the shop and

"buy" the Christmas Rank Giveaway

for your chance

to win! The drawing will be held on

December 26th

2017 8:00AM EST!

Updated news

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 22, 17

We have been busy with the servers lately. We have shut down Simple life 2, Horizons III, and Age of Engineering. However we have opened up a FTB's Revelation server. It is a donator only server, so if you would like to be whitelisted on there let us know on discord and we will get you fixed.

Don't forget about our annual holiday sale that is going on as well!!

Thank you

-FSG Staff

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