We do our best to keep the world and ensure stability to our numerous servers. However, some times a map reset is required.
We'll not talk about reason for a map reset here, instead we'll focus on our general guideline on what happens to actual player data in such occurrences.

First, unlike our weekly Nether/End/Twilight dimensions reset, a map reset is full wipe.
This means all player stats, inventory, money, home, research and XP points are reset, for all players unless otherwise stated below.
All lifetime donation remains, notably global ranks and nicknames.
Other donations from the last 30 calendar days prior to the map reset are reapplied (or refunded at the player's request).
Top voters from the whole season will be rewarded, typically with a server shop voucher.
Within the 30 calendar days following a map reset, you may request:
- transfer of your custom skins (Armourer's mod), books and LUA scripts for free, just open a support ticket.
- transfer your decorative build with no valuables* for shop money ($5 for the first 4 contiguous chunks, $1 per extra chunk)
- transfer a tool or armor item** for shop money ($3 each)
* By decorative build we mean no valuables in the area (all containers are empty, no machines, no item frames, no metal blocks, etc.). Plugin restrictions may apply.
** You must have this item in your inventory or base.

As always, if you have an issue, please open a support ticket using the link at the top of this page.