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Fun Square Games wants to welcome DizzyAaron!!

We have just opened 2 new servers for you all to play on. The first server is FTB Beyond, which you can download from curse launcher or FTB launcher.

Our second server we have opened is an experimental PVP pack called Mage Wars. You can find this pack on the curse launcher. We have added in ARS Magica since it has been in high demand.

We hope to see you all on the servers!

DNS issue..

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Mar 1, 17

We seem to be having an issue with people not being able to join the servers. Please use this ip address until we can get this sorted out. If you have any questions or concerns please come on discord and let us know.

use this IP instead:

New PVE pack

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Jan 27, 17

Our new PvE modpack is up at Server IP preloaded, have fun!

There is also a forum post for

extra claimblocks!

50% Off!

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 21, 16

Starting today we are running our 50% off sale in our donator store! Feel free to go check it out.

We at FSG would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a big thank you for being such a great community!

Coming soon....

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Dec 18, 16

First, we hope you all are enjoying your holidays and vacations from school (for those of you that have them). Next, keep your eyes open on our site here for the holiday sale coming soon. Thats right, we will be having our annual FSG holiday sale coming up, so stay tuned here in the next few days for that announcement. 

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