New 1.10.2 modpack

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Tue at 19:44

We have decided to open an Age of Engineering modpack for 1.10.2, the server is open to donators and the will be whitelisted. We may decide later to open this pack to community.

The ip is:

Arcania craft season 5 is scheduled to start this weekend. To celebrate that, on Saturday 12th August 1PM CET (Texas), 8PM CEST (Paris), we'll be holding a "mayhem" event: for 2h, PvP will be enabled globally, no claims, full out anarchy. Map will be archived right before the event. This will be the reference map for your transfer tickets. As always, any donation in the last 30 days can either refunded or transferred. Everything else is subjet to full reset.

Yes it is that time of year again, the time of year that the FSG will be turning 2!

We would like to thank all of your in our community for your continued support and for playing and enjoying our servers. As a thank you we will be having our annual 50% off sale. It will start at midnight 6/23 and end on midnight 6/30.

Again, thank you everyone!

-Sincerly, the FSG staff team

New modpack

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted May 5, 17

Come join us for the opening of our newest modpack

Mage Wars, found on the technic launcher.

You can choose to be a vampire or hunter or just an Ars wizard! Hope to see you all on there!

Any questions please feel free to join our discord and ask. Also don't forget to check the forums for ways to get more claimblocks.

One last thing, while you are checking out our servers, don't forget to head over to the curse launcher and check out our other new server Invasion.

SkyFactory 3

[Owner] Monkey1357 a posted Mar 28, 17

Our SkyFactory 3 server is now up and running!!

Join us through Curse or FTB launchers at . Hope to see you all there!

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